Meaningful Collision

Photo by Jhonis Martins from Pexels It's in the way you carry yourself. It's in the way you let your guard down, that makes you someone I should pay attention to. . Being fake, with zombie like reactions, is what's popular these days and what terribly bores me. . Yes, letting your guard down, letting your mind roam … Continue reading Meaningful Collision

My Sis – Storm and Bliss

You’ve always been my all: Devotion, care, worries and fresh air. You’ve always been a mentor, A force, courageous, smart, hardcore.   Cata, my sis, Our struggles, the pain and all the days we’ve missed, Are nothing, moments we dismiss. You are scared now, while so brave, Emptied, but complete with the little ones around, … Continue reading My Sis – Storm and Bliss