It’s chaos…

It’s chaos in the world.
Our hearts are heavy, distressed and scared.
It’s a war, a pandemic that is not yet over, and little hope in tomorrow. People fleeing as a family, alone, fatherless, motherless, childless. Shattered minds, panicked souls, homeless, country-less, hurt.

It’s chaos in some parts of the world.
In others, people still complain about coffee, about not owning that bigger house, not having that expensive car, not affording an expensive gadget, not making the big bucks.

It’s chaos in my heart tonight even if I have a warm bed to sleep in, loved ones, a steady income, a bit of health.
It’s almost midnight, but I shiver under the sheets not knowing what tomorrow brings. How much pain will I see, and how will I choose to respect and appreciate the reality in front of me?!

Photo by msvr from Pexels

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