My Sis – Storm and Bliss


You’ve always been my all:

Devotion, care, worries and fresh air.

You’ve always been a mentor,

A force, courageous, smart, hardcore.


Cata, my sis,

Our struggles, the pain and all the days we’ve missed,

Are nothing, moments we dismiss.

You are scared now, while so brave,

Emptied, but complete with the little ones around,

Playing and laughing, loving you the most,

While always following you like a ghost.


You feel drained, neglected and lost,

Embracing motherhood at last.

You feel it’s all too heavy, too much, moving so fast

That you dissolve and lose your mental health.


In days where you find life has cast a storm,

When exhaustion and fear dominate your home,

Shake them off, clench your fists and sit straight.

This life has nothing on you because you’re brave.


Your kids will whisper in your ear:

“I want more of this”, so more of you.

And you will sweetly answer as you do:

“Mommy’s here, everything for you.”


Cata, my love, my daring, fearless soul

Your life has just begun, you’ll have it all.

You might not see it now, your mind so tired,

But you are blessed and strong, life offering what you desire.


Now put your feet up and relax,

I welcome you into my arms,

Where I’ll keep you safe,

Your mind at ease,

And you will start once more to believe in peace.


And in the end,

Please do believe,

No heart, no mind will ever bend

When love is all around you in all forms,

Encouraging and welcoming you to be strong.

You’ll make it, you’ll survive,

And everyone will be by your side.

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