In love with falling in love

That feeling when he first touches you.

When you first press your lips on his for him to passionately take you in. You taste his hungry kiss, he squeezes your hand hard, and his big eyes follow your lips, getting closer and closer to your mouth again. You get flushed with desire, with this explosion of emotion that makes you crave his every inch.

Time stops. The whole world stops, and you are sucked into a vortex of love, wanting, being, letting go, fooling around. It’s so intoxicating you forget who you are, where, to just be with him and merge your hearts and insatiable needs.

When the night comes, it’s crushing. You want every second with each other. You can’t get enough of this feast of passion, sex, love, caresses, being seen and admired.

You light up when he first wakes you up with a kiss. Your senses awaken you first, ready, wanting, even before your consciousness catches up.

When he lies on top of you, looking you in the eyes, you feel out of breath. The connection is so strong that it overwhelms you with effervescent feelings, all bubbling up. You want him so badly, you want him to never leave your sight and to touch him and know what he wants. No, you want to guess what he wants and what would make him happy, satisfied. You want to implode with your larger-than-life feelings, and disappear in a world where nothing can touch you, nothing can harm you or bring you apart.

You are so in love that you feel drunk, hungover and crazy happy at the same time. You’ve felt sparkles before, you felt loved and idolised and it was great.

But this?

This is beyond anything you’ve felt or was able to imagine. Bliss can’t even cover it.You wish this state would last forever, and you can’t imagine a different life with him when you’re not insanely in love with each other.

How can it go away when it’s perfect?


Photo by Natalia Sobolivska on Unsplash

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