Why do we have to

Why do we have to stretch ourselves to uncomfortable situations or states? To be honest, we don’t. We don’t have to push harder, to outgrow ourselves or others. We don’t have to wish for better things or to fight for a better tomorrow. It’s totally fine to not want things, to not wish to improve … Continue reading Why do we have to

Messed up

When you get dissolved into your own thoughts, hoping it won’t consume you.


Broken glass in your hand, but you squeeze it harder. You watch the blood pouring over your hand, arm, until it touches the ground. You want to feel something, but you can’t. Some like to imagine…but any thrill will do, just to make you feel something.

You wait for the first cringe of morning to get away from the darkness, but what will you do when the darkness in your heart doesn’t fade away? You are always looking for the high, for losing your senses with anything and anyone as long as you run from yourself. You wonder if there is a right way for all of this but you soon realise that good or right are just a distraction to escape the burden of life.

You look at him as he is lying on the floor, gone, he has no reaction to your blood and you start to pray…

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