My little treasure


This morning I had the pillow covering my head to stop the sun from waking me up.

But you, cutie pie, woke up first, and with your little hand searched for me in the big bed.

Then you gently squeezed my hand and caressed my arm.

I didn’t want to wake up, but your love was so bright and warm and kind.

I started moving and you put your little head on my chest,

Then gave me the loveliest hug.

You wanted to hug me so tight, so you would have me around you, all the time.


My little treasure, joyful soul,

Your love disarms me, filling a dark hole,

And I wish to protect and take care of you,

More than you have already done for me.


It breaks my heart and mind to know,

How your love has protected me more,

From the loud screams and the adults’ misdeeds.

When you should’ve had peace and serenity,

With just a bit of nutty, not full insanity.


I wish the best for you,

From blue skies and a strong mind,

To a warm heart and a safe home.


Sometimes, I wish you were mine,

So that nothing bad would cross the line,

To make you weep or feel blue.


You are so delicate, so sweet,

That I wish to hear you tweet,

Dance and jump with joy,

Only the way you enjoy,

That makes you look like a living toy.


Little treasure in my soul,

Little treasure, part of  my world,

I am here, more than you know,

And I’ll make sure to always hear your laughter

From here on after.

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