- Break the rules? - Uhm...sure, I don't know. Maybe... It just so happens that people undergo unbelievable or ludicrous experiences, and still feel complacent and empty about their life. Curiously enough, something trivial can spark a revelation. The smallest of things can distort someone’s perspective, and make it spin like the past has never … Continue reading Whys


Bruises all over your arms and legs. You clench your fists and the marks become more vivid with each stretch. You smile, you are there – closer to your path, and more determined than ever. Each wound and each mark are proof of your victories. You tried, you dared, you did this! Not fear and […]


I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear Drake’s lyrics: ‘I don’t wanna think I just wanna drink’. And I thought to myself:’ Jee, men are something’. Most of them spend their lives without stressing too much, avoiding complicated situations as much as possible, even putting the ladies to solve … Continue reading Pff