Perpetual epiphanies

I am breathless at times for no good reason.

I am devastated by how your arms used to feel around me.

Life made me nervous and people made me vanish or rise above all, forgetting about the fall back that would break my pulse, cracking my judgement. But I don’t care now.

My father made me nervous with every step he would take closer to while distancing miles away from my heart. It doesn’t matter anymore.

I close my eyes to hope, but open them to surrender. 

It’s days like these that strangle love, and not even a caress is enough to fake warmth or bypass woe. The hollow, bracing pain… and it’s past my bedtime.

It’s so late for belief and early for fear. It’s timeless to stay in doubt, but confidence has a greater cost than dreaming in the dark…so you smile to the brute. It’s here now, and like an arrow through the air, stabs your judgement until the thrust becomes rule.

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