I don’t understand

I am simply puzzled with people. I mean, sure, I get it that we are complex, misunderstood beings, but why do we love, no, adore being miserable?! It’s like having all the answers to the big questions, but  somehow decide to refuse making any sense of them.

I’ve heard it before that life is a task – once achieved, it becomes a burden – and we never get satisfied because as humans we are a compound of needs…still, where is the joy? Where is the thirst for experience and for actually living, or having a bearable existence? I, personally, am thirsty to meet new people, even to get to know them, and find some kind of closure or fresh ideas to survive another day. Ignorance and narrow – minded people scare me because we all have a choice. Why choose black when someone might offer you a helpful hand and a genuine smile? You are not alone….