I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear Drake’s lyrics: ‘I don’t wanna think I just wanna drink’. And I thought to myself:’ Jee, men are something’. Most of them spend their lives without stressing too much, avoiding complicated situations as much as possible, even putting the ladies to solve their shit. And still – poor, tormented, little souls, they are the ones complaining, needing a drink or a break. But women, we are the weak link, yes. Go have a drink guys, we’ll handle it and be sexy!😉

4 thoughts on “Pff

  1. I dare to ask, from whom is this coming from?
    Maybe I’m mistaken, but you seem to view this from a very personal and selfish I might add angle – recent story perhaps? or just some stuff your female friends complained about.
    We may not be all gentlemen, but we’re most definitely not all drunken pig lords.
    It’s not healthy and I believe it will lead to bottled & astray misconceptions.

    Thus, I raise my glass to you in mid afternoon, Joan of A, with a most sincere:


  2. First of all, of course it’s a personal angel, you are reading my blog, ffs :)).
    Second of all, I didn’t say ALL men. Pay close attention, you might miss some things 😛


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