Bruises all over your arms and legs. You clench your fists and the marks become more vivid with each stretch. You smile, you are there – closer to your path, and more determined than ever. Each wound and each mark are proof of your victories. You tried, you dared, you did this! Not fear and definitely not quitting made it for the tinder to stay alive even in the gloomiest of nights. Each slap of life, each fist of insecurity towards your stomach, made the injuries heal faster. How? Repetition is the key – bearing through distress, wretchedness, accepting exposure, and being weak – until the pain barrier is lifted. As the pain intensifies, you come for more. You start to respect pain and you let it toughen you.

Confidence? Of course! Visualising you will get to the end game and being grateful for every obstacle, will change the meaning of life for you. Yes, you will stand tall at the end, having proved that pain is not an excuse to give up. You will succeed! You are in control of your actions and nothing, nothing will have the heart to stand in your way because you are forceful and invincible.

The victory starts first with the mind, and then come the actions. It’s like a connection that was dying to happen, and when the body and mind connect, it’s overwhelming. The spirituality you find, will make you unbreakable. Celebrate!

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