My Sis – Storm and Bliss

You’ve always been my all: Devotion, care, worries and fresh air. You’ve always been a mentor, A force, courageous, smart, hardcore.   Cata, my sis, Our struggles, the pain and all the days we’ve missed, Are nothing, moments we dismiss. You are scared now, while so brave, Emptied, but complete with the little ones around, … Continue reading My Sis – Storm and Bliss

Mud, Wind and the Key

She was grinding her mind with doubt. She was torturing herself. She had a different reality. She hated that, but the reality didn’t care. It pushed her. It belittled her. It made her heavy and not enough. It made her crush her own achievements. It made her ordinary, but ordinarily sad. . She was trying … Continue reading Mud, Wind and the Key