A perpetual state of yearning

I am thirsty and I drink.
I drink a glass, I’m full, but then I am thirsty again,
I drink another glass, and then another one,
But over time this crave never stops.

I was pleased today,
I even felt joy,
But when I returned home and it got dark,
A heavy, thick cloud of pain, and disarray
Overcame me.
I found something fun to ease my nerves.
But then the gloomy feelings cornered me again.
This messed up crave
For what’s rancid or bad with the world,
Never sets me free to enjoy life, beauty.

Yet, I wait patiently.
Yet, I know different days will come,
And I’ll wash in the calm,
In the ease of waking up,
Without the pain of needing to face,
Another day, over and over again.

My life will be simpler,
I won’t wait idly for each moment to end.
I’ll learn to be brave,
Without the constant crave and rave
For the unattainable, the unfit, and unnecessary.

One day, I’ll learn about gratitude,
About enjoying being alive.
One day, it’ll happen for me too.

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