Why do we have to

Why do we have to stretch ourselves to uncomfortable situations or states?
To be honest, we don’t. We don’t have to push harder, to outgrow ourselves or others. We don’t have to wish for better things or to fight for a better tomorrow. It’s totally fine to not want things, to not wish to improve anything about ourselves.

It’s really, okay, no pressure.

But…there’s always the ‘but’ part of the story.

But other people strive for more. For more money in the bank, better homes. And the ‘crazy ones’ or the ‘dreamers’ fight for discovering or improving who they are. And this is a completely different and excruciating matter. Yes, the journey, the road to self-discovery is traumatic, dramatic and liberating.

It’s insanely scary and disappointing when you look the truth in the eyes, and you cannot run or hide anywhere. But once you do, once you dare meet your demons, and all of your vulnerabilities, you fill your mind and body with confidence. You become so powerful, so in control that everything will make sense.

Just imagine, being able to fully understand your pain and what to do about it, all on your own, without advice or support. You on the driver’s seat, fully aware and skilled to enjoy the ride of your life, care-free, self-reliant and courageous regardless of the road ahead.

It’s exhilarating to dare the unimaginable, to put yourself in messy, harsh situations, only to come out of them more knowledgeable and stronger.

Yet, few embark on the voyage to self-exploration. It’s not for everyone. It’s unpleasantly rough because you come to understand how you are to blame for things and how your mind is wired. The mind you’ve always had, the one that made you who you are and that has guided you since the beginning, is now under meticulous scrutiny. Basically, you start having doubts about your mind. And questioning that, is almost madness, and also the reason why so few of us challenge our identity.

Still, the result of fully delving into your own oneness is the winning ticket. The winning ticket to a superior, intentional and gratifying existence. All without money. You don’t need fortunes to achieve it. Only time, patience, lack of shame, courage and endurance.

So, in the end, my personal experience with myself is a constant fight that leaves me bruised, doubtful while also toughening me up and making me proud of who I am. Yes, I still have to walk the walk until I reach the finish line, but I’m starting to feel more confident each day. And I’m not quitting, I’m just getting started.

So why do we have to stretch ourselves to uncomfortable places or moments? We still don’t, but those who do, become invincible.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

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