Truth with a Twist

We’ve all been told to excel and achieve our potential. But we are surrounded by ways and ideologies on how to be average or below. They want to obscure our view by deforming our perspectives, dressing them in the <<must have, must be, must see>>.

Is this new information? I am sure it’s not.

Some say: If you don’t play, you’re going to watch others score. But how can we, when we are surrounded by ads, mentalities or articles that feed us insecurities?

That is why I say to look for wisdom in the unlikeliest of places: in the bus, on a bench, hearing a random conversation from a passer-by… all of these can hold more wisdom than certain training or motivational programs. But why?

For some of us, experiencing directly rather than theorizing or planning ahead, has a greater impact, and it can be vital to simply show up at the right place to be changed. Seeing with your eyes instead of speculating, or holding someone’s hand when in distress, instead of reading about it, carry more significance and meaning. Inevitably, it is a question of what you let yourself feel.

I feel betrayed by our limiting world, and by what my upbringing has led me to believe throughout my life. And I feel used because we have been fed the idea that there’s always a green light that will tell us we are safe. There isn’t. Once you adventure in this journey, the safety net we were convinced existed, is looser and looser until you realise it wasn’t even there to begin with.

Free falling….we do that a lot as we are labelled ‘adults’. For some, it’s too much, for others is the adrenaline they need and chase; as for me, I am learning to accept and manage it the best I can. I am at that point where I am trying to narrow down outcomes of what I want, wishing deeply it is also what I need.

After all, we are experts at twisting facts to fit our conclusion.

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