I am alive but not awake.

I want to love but I only break,

And I shiver under your touch

Even though I miss him so much.

Others have tried to fix me

Thinking I and he make a ‘we’.

But my world is shattered into pieces,

And no matter what he does, he loses.


It’s your choice if you want to come and go.

To me, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I can’t help but be unstable,

Moving like a cradle that you can’t handle.


I swear I don’t want to make you want me

Or wonder where we might be

If I just stopped breaking free

Letting you love me.


I know that you’ll do your best,

And have no rest until you’ll gain my trust.

You think it’d be so simple if I could just let you in.

But a wounded heart can no longer look back,

Without reliving the twisted past

That made it all crash and of my heart – a pain map.

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