You look at him, but he is different. ‘How has he changed?’ you wonder. He was a stranger, an acquaintance that would bring a few wrinkles in the form of smiles. Another illusion dressed up as a disposable thrill…except he isn’t. You wake up the next morning and he is still in your bed. ‘Wait a minute! you think to yourself while you analyse the situation. The tips of his fingers are touching your back, your back being as further as possible from him because you expected him to be gone, and you wanted to be left undisturbed while he would make his way home.

You are not sleeping anymore, he hasn’t left, and he is also trying to find your body to caress it. You haven’t read the situation properly it seems. He is looking for affection and he is willing to stick around. ‘But why?’ you ask yourself, puzzled by the whole situation. Like a lightning in a dark, deep night, he awakens your senses. Oh no…you feel!

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