Some people sicken me. Having all the resources, all the opportunities, but choosing boredom, defeat and loneliness. Everything you want is at the reach of a hand, it only takes perspective and a daring mind, but the result is, oh, so sweet.

Of course, that giving in is the easier and more comfortable choice, but so dissatisfying. Imagination, yes, that’s what most people lack… but I’m talking about imagination for broadening perspectives, not chasing the cheese. When it comes to money, everyone wants a piece, and everyone fights and scrambles, but choosing how to spend it…well, such a waste.

People lavish in the dullest activities – buying a new car, new drapes, the coolest clothes…nothing to feed the mind, nothing to enlighten the senses. Too many of them decide to spend money on triviality and the most temporary of possessions until they realise how much they want to escape.

As I’ve said in previous blog entries, money means power, but not feeding the power, not expanding your perspectives, leads to a slow death. Unfortunately, stubbornness and conservatism make for a short and tedious life.

Even if individuals are aware of all these, they still choose the effortless way – not too much trouble – inevitably finding themselves leading an empty and miserable existence.

Such a shame…to have it all but not the heart and mind to enjoy it because of the poor choices you’ve made. I guess ignorance is bliss.

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