Who are you?

I unexpectedly realised today that our society slowly but steadily drives us to suicidal moods. So often I have found myself surrounded by posts like: ‘Change, don’t be the you you were yesterday!’, ‘Live NOW because you are YOUNGER and tomorrow might be too late’, or: Do this, do that, don’t settle, be thinner, be the BEST, be the frekin’ Messiah!

So I thought to myself: Who are these terrorists, these trend setters and why do they feed on misery and on making us smaller than we are…making us NOT ENOUGH? Actually, the more appropriate question should be: Why are they still dominating the world’s ideology, and why do we accept being undeserving? I know the answer to most of my questions is: money or greed or resentment but goddammit, each and every one of us is different.

We are called INDIVIDUALS for a reason- there aren’t two people alike. True, that people can be similar, but they are not identical in behaviour, looks, etc. So if we’ve established our uniqueness, then how come are we expected to live by the SAME rules, follow the same patterns in life, and most importantly: why is there a right and a wrong way?

How can we all expect to cramp in these limiting spaces and follow the same rules when we were not supposed to, by nature? 

No wonder there were and are so many generations of kids, teenagers, adults, even old people that call it quits when at any step we are reminded of how unfit, wrong, weird, inappropriate and unworthy we are for this world. What makes me even sadder is that these broken people actually know, KNOW that somewhere deep down, society is wrong, and that there is still good in them. However, the glimmer of hope is too dim to light up their soul, or their mind, so it dies.

My solutions? Kindness, tolerance and open-mindedness. Do something nice, get out of your way to help a random person. Maybe your kindness is the only one that that person ever experienced.

Can you imagine that? For someone to have never experienced or found a kind gesture anywhere? Anywhere in this vast universe, not one, not half but NO kindness at all??

Just picture the impact you might have on that person. We are all powerful together or individually…but we have to see that, accept it and take control over our lives bearing with fear and embracing our uniqueness so we can be free!

Stop letting yourself down, stop believing everything and everyone but yourself. Why not start finding some answers to: Who are you? Who.Are.YOU? 

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