It has been a while since I last started writing something and I was wondering why. Who would have known that life would change so much and stay the same all at once?!

As individuals we change even if we want to admit it or not. The true problem is being stuck in the same setting. That’s where the struggle begins…

Imagine a territorial gorilla with a big silver back running all over the jungle, demanding everything it sees. That strength and irrevocable power covering all greatness it encounters. Having this in mind, now imagine it in a very small cage.  The gorilla struggles, fights, shouts BUT after a while it stops… a moment of complete and utter silence.

When it stops, the gorilla in an instant knows it is over. Interestingly, there is something that never stops no matter what – its EYES. Overtime, the eyes may seem rather dim but if you look closer, the burning fire is still there ready to erupt at every second. But who is there to read its eyes?

Day by day, the cage gets smaller and smaller until the final day comes and… it dies. Still, I’m sure that if you open the gorilla’s eyes, you can still see a small fire that never goes away.

In each and every one of us there is this gorilla waiting to return to its territory. How can you know that? Look for the eyes…

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