It’s dangerous…just the two of us. We ache for love, caresses and a gentle touch. We shouldn’t though, because we are like smoke in the sky: we disappear with a new day. We barely meet but when we do, flames burn inside of us, uncontrollably. Did you ever think maybe we were meant to be? Should our fire meet or it’s just certain death? We feel we are perfect somehow even though we can barely breathe next to each other. The smoke our flames create, choke us, incinerating our minds and we end up wondering: Am I thinking straight? I just want one night with you.

Are you ready to come closer to me? Is my flame stronger than yours and that scares you away? I could be all you need, or I could vanish like a sweet dream.  Let’s melt our worlds and let the fire swallow the ice of our consciousness. Come on now, taste the insatiable, addictive liquor and take what you want or simply fade away living in despair. There’s just one path to take before ashes choke your mind astray. Come after me if you want to light up your whole universe, burn with desire, and forget you exist when you heart beats insanely.

Why don’t you come a little closer? Fall for me and let the hot ash awaken your senses like you never knew it was possible. Let’s burn alive, let’s try… .

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