Sometimes I take deep breaths, but I cannot breathe.

Meeting you is a gamble between ‘I enjoy being alone’ and ‘I glow in your arms’.

I throw the dice, tightly closing my eyes, hoping for the good ‘me’ to win.


Have you ever loved something or someone like sharks crave blood?

Have you ever reached utter bliss only to reach drowning woe later on?

Have you ever survived paralysing fear that floods the mind one day at a time?

If you have, can you say you are wiser? Better? Stronger? Happier?


Maybe this time I can turn things around even if I don’t know who I am.

Maybe this time, I will reach new heights of content,

Just like the Sun soothes the Moon that he’ll make room for her at night.

Just like how rain comes down on dry lands, knowing they will forgive her for the delay.

Just like mum’s love that’s always with me, no matter how many miles apart I am from her.

Just like the way he longs for my lips, even if he has to wait, and wait,

But in the end get what he desires and more.


The dice have been thrown, my heart stopped, and I wanted to open my eyes,

But the lights went off, and someone covered my face, and as I hold my breath,

I know I’ll survive, I’m going to be just fine.

Just like the Moon and Sun, the love of my Mum and how rain falls on dry land,

I’ll open my eyes to the rays of the sun, warming my frown.






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