Drops of Hope


There’s always this rancid itch
Not letting me be happy,
So I twitch.

There’s this much-needed land of hope
Where I explore my passions,
Where there’s a scope.

I’ve heard of peace, of freedom, and letting go
Of all your insecurities and woe,
And I wondered where to go.

But now, I’m trying something:
I’ve opened my heart now, I’ve opened my eyes
And I want to be brutal about my desires,
Ready to look where’s not comfortable
So I can stifle the fires,
I dream now, I do, and I dream of you
Of me alone, of me with you.
But mostly, of what I can do.

So, I see the view, I feel the air.
The breeze is in my hair
Feet in the water,
And nothing else matters.





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