Better, failure?

Time… life… yes, they both mean everything to us. It’s true. It is.
Because we are chasing…um… what exactly?
I think we’re looking for happiness or meaning, maybe a reason. Yes, a reason!

A reason to get out of bed in the morning, to be motivated or at least in some sort of a need that would enable us to go on with our routine.

Is life too short? What about time? We have to be brutally honest and admit to ourselves that they are never enough and what is more, is that we constantly feel like we’re running out.

Running out of ideas, time, money, patience and so on. It gets overwhelming and it’s something we cannot not think about. It creates this constant frustration that consumes us and has us convinced we are never enough, we could have more, do more, be more!

At some point, it really is exhausting, don’t you think?
I mean, I am on this endless journey of discovering what is enough, when to take a break and if I will ever be satisfied with my life. So, every day, I read, research, talk to various people, friends and family and somehow, I get to the same point on the map: it’s all an illusion!

Our desires and goals never get achieved, and if they do, we are hungry for more, always chasing the unattainable, the most wanted, just for those few seconds of bliss. For feeling like ‘the man’, ‘on top of Mount Everest’ so that shortly after you’ll plummet into a sea of dissatisfaction, greedier than ever and thirsty for better.

Yes, becoming something far greater than you are at present, sounds like an offer no one can refuse. Still, is it mandatory to be on cloud nine? Is everyone supposed to have a personal purpose to be the best? And if you don’t, are you a failure?

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