Beauty… ahh, the long look in the mirror, gasping while you see the irregularities: extra skin or fat, double chin, too many wrinkles, and the list goes on. It’s too easy to spot the wrong, the unnecessary and imperfect. Strangely enough, to some it becomes a challenge to see the good and authentic qualities.

Someone said that beauty is not a thing you can acquire or consume, it’s something that you have to be. What does it mean: something that you have to be?

To me, it relates to having the heart and the eyes to look at yourself completely naked (physically and mentally) and accept who and what you are. Start from the positive and focus on them. But don’t focus too much on the exterior alone.

We depend too much on make-up and clothes in order to look confident or hide our flaws. I don’t condemn this, as I understand their purpose, but until when are we going to hide from our true selves? Until when will we allow the media, or fashion brands to dictate what we like, how to feel, or how to impress the world?

The first judge of your beauty, or your qualities, should be yourself. Start there, and things might turn around for you. Instead of putting focus on what others see in you, try shifting this perspective on how you view yourself.

I came to this realisation late, and the person that made the wake-up call was my grandmother. An 80 years old lady, living in the countryside, a place that unfortunately didn’t have too much to offer to such an enlightened spirit.

I asked for her opinion on a matter. She looked at me puzzled by my request, then answered: Why do you care what I think? Or others? Isn’t this YOUR life? You are free to choose, try, fail, and stand up again. You alone should decide on things, while accepting the lesson that follows.

I want to dedicate my blog entry to this amazing woman. I am honoured and humbled to still have you in my life.

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