Coward! Are you, is that enough?

Courage is earned, is acquired, you don’t inherit it, don’t expect it to slap you in the face. You have to work for it, and hard, and endure the crippling fear, being knocked down and the deafening screams.

No, it’s not supposed to be easy, doable and don’t think for a second that courage emerges from your mother’s womb while your fists are already clenched. No, wake up and hold tight to your guts, let the storm of agony toughen you, until you are reborn. Your strength will show on your calm exterior while others might try to convince you that the world is crashing and all is doomed.

No, this time you’ll know, you’ll be prepared and you’ll feel how your insecurities melt away. You’ll look up towards the sky, and you’ll know that you don’t need anyone following you or patting you on the back. You are enough. Yes, you’ve got this! Now show your teeth and conquer it all.

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