I asked myself: ‘What am I doing?’

I’m not trying to convince you, be innovative or change the world. My only goal is to make people aware of the fact that they deserve love, even if it only comes from themselves to themselves. Love is everything we have, and what keeps us going.

Be it the love for your pet, friends, a book, a video game, a hobby, sunsets or sunrises, or just seeing someone’s smile…we all love something, and for that reason we are alive.

Don’t be fooled by hate or vanity thinking they lash power and set the wheels in motions as they are NOT enduring. They inevitably fade and fail because somehow love is stronger and more long-lasting. I didn’t make these rules, I don’t know why it’s true, but I have felt it in my bones, and love always showed me the way when I wanted to drown.

I don’t want to reach everybody, I don’t want to impose my beliefs onto people but if there is someone out there that feels lost and somehow gets some sort of comfort and hope by reading this, then this is for you.

And I promise you, you’re not alone, and I’ll do my best to bring some light, or even a chipped smile in your life.Β 

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