You look at the sea and in a glimpse of an eye

It all disappears just like a wave, washing away your present.

You think of a fresh start, escaping your reality, and you slowly drift away.

You hear: What if I could give you life? Can I make you leave the boundaries of your universe?

You turn around

But he slowly starts kissing your back.

You just want to make it all go away and get lost.

Forget about tomorrow, of who is whispering in your ear.

You thought you’d fear,

And never go near trouble

But with no bother

You start to unzip your dress.

Bless, craze, and long embrace.

You just want him to taste your words,

You could give him what he needs,

Until his heart bleeds.

You could give yourself to him

Like the moon gives up to the sun.

But you breathe and realize

You and him are poetry,

Moving aimlessly,

Sinking slowly.