It’s time to Spring


Look! Do you see?

The sun, oh no, a ray, oh, wait!

It’s warm, it touched me.

I felt it. It’s mood-lifting.

My mind’s shifting.

My heart’s not aching.

What happened?

I stop and wonder.

What was that?

I open my eyes wide,

And it hits me:

The sparkle, the brightness,

Warm rays of the promised sun.

I’m disarmed.

I feel soothed, charmed, unharmed.

I look around, with a dumb smile,

Now I beam, as I lean

Towards the pink flowers in the tree,

And I can smell the plants growing,

I can hear sparrows cheeping,

As my worries are fleeting.

It’s time to Spring

And not let anything

Hinder the enchanted story,

Breathing life all around you

Dismissing the worries, the fears, bad news,

And let hope and colours blossom,

As you become colossal.