Who knows.

How is it that whenever something goods shows at your doorstep, your next thought is that it won’t last?

Or when something horrible and irreparable happens, you can only see it lingering forever?

Who was a wise being. Since her birth, she was endowed with empathy and understanding for everything around him. He was calm and also a good listener to whomever would walk by, looking to chat, or for a piece of advice. She wasn’t impatient or too hard on beings, but aware and awake in her universe.

Who was he, was her, was everything and everywhere.

The eyes were her core, so transparent that you could see all emotion, turmoil, as well as acceptance and forgiveness.

Who thought one day: People say they understand, but to understand something and someone, is not that simple. If you are genuine, the proper way of expressing this is: I endure to understand, because putting yourself in someone else’s place, can be draining. If you truly cherish that man/woman, your heart is with that person and you cannot help yourself but relive and imagine the action, the feelings, the excitement, the horror, because you are connected… and you know why you do it? Because you care.

Someone asked Who: How would you describe love, or loving someone. And she replied:

I want to sit with my love by the fireplace, in big, cozy armchairs, each reading whatever interests us, and my sweetheart saying: “I am tired, darling,” while I take his old hands in mine and kiss them. Then, he would look at my gray hair and kiss my forehead , and we go to bed. Before that, she would make sure to do something silly, like dropping her teeth. What I mean is, that I think you love someone when you honestly want to grow old with them, but staying true to your young self, and not forgetting who you really are, even if you’ve been with that person for a long time. 

Love should better an individual, not by disappearing in the relationship, but by achieving full-potential alone, and becoming an unstoppable force together.

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