I’m the girl that smokes with the windows closed,

I ash my cigarette in a glass half full,

But I keep searching on,

For ways to attract karma, canceling drama.

I am sick of them calling me darling, you’re troubling.

But I’m crawling away, trying to make sense.

So I accepted your guidance, but there’s dependence

When I scream liberty and self-governance.

Now tell me you’re holding me no more.

Look me in the eyes and keep going on

Even when my tears are rolling.

I will escape this, even if I have to die too young.

I will still live, I will still breathe a choking air.

Numbness in my brain, but look there’s my train!

I’ll run for it… in my mind, but I’ll survive.

I’ll make it somehow, without doing a bow

Or useless vows.

Risks? I go all the way,

Not needing tricks, or getting fixed.

I’ve been a fool for too long, why prolong

This? His? Us? What?

You are just a pretty face, longing for my embrace,

But there’s no trace of confidence, deliverance

And you are upside down, looking around

But I can drown, from your rubber crown.

You’re a clown, you never frown

And I’ve been around past my bedtime.

I see the way people want to be impressed

Getting undressed, messed, depressed.

Who do we want to be? Living in a tree,

Or staying pretty? Doesn’t it get ugly?

But, Look! The sunset…or the sunrise?

Here, on the wrong side out.