This one is heavy, this is one is for mom

People say be thankful for your life, always be grateful for the one that gave you life,

I say she is my God, my mom.

Not just for bringing me up in this world, no,

Because she is the kindest and the saddest soul I know.

Her heart is pure, her mind innocent, but she gave it all up.

She gave up her sanity, she gave up her body, she gave up her future for the family.

But this one is about me, her daughter, and how I couldn’t and struggle to help her as she deserves it.

I cried a lot, I was in agony. Why? My life, my decisions, sometimes her fault, or my family.

I blamed them all, I blamed myself, but she would say:

It’s alright, my girl, I can withstand and endure all hardships, all the blows in the heart and mind, I will endure them all for you. I don’t care because you are my world, you are everything, and for the family I will accept it all.

My heart froze. I didn’t want her to feel or do that. I judged her. Why throw yourself like that? Why lose your identity for others?

But her heart is too pure and her intentions so selfless, that the only way to accept living her life is to self-sacrifice.

Dear wonderful woman and mom,

Dear humble and gentle heart,

Dear light of my life and pride of our kind,

I love you! You are loved!

Believe in your worth!

There’s no one like you and I will fight it all to treasure you,

At least half of what you’ve shown and given us,

Because I need your smile and your gracious soul

To know it’s all right with the world.

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