It’s dangerous…just the two of us. We ache for love, caresses and a gentle touch. We shouldn’t though, because we are like smoke in the sky: we disappear with a new day. We barely meet but when we do, flames burn inside of us, uncontrollably. Did you ever think maybe we were meant to be? … Continue reading Fire


It has been a while since I last started writing something and I was wondering why. Who would have known that life would change so much and stay the same all at once?! As individuals we change even if we want to admit it or not. The true problem is being stuck in the same … Continue reading Gorilla


I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear Drake’s lyrics: ‘I don’t wanna think I just wanna drink’. And I thought to myself:’ Jee, men are something’. Most of them spend their lives without stressing too much, avoiding complicated situations as much as possible, even putting the ladies to solve … Continue reading Pff